MDVCO Company offers the range of ultrathin liquid thermal insulation Lic Ceramic. Ceramic thermal insulation is fundamentally different from the conventional heaters. The main difference is the operating principle and energy efficient. Thermal insulation of walls and thermal insulation of the house enable to save substantially on energy. Lic Ceramic walls insulation is liquid; it may be applied to any surfaces. The insulation has energy efficient in 1mm layer and replaces the width in 5cm of mineral insulation.

The heating of faces, walls and the whole house may be carried out by liquid thermal insulation. The wide range of Lic Ceramic enables to purchase the heater for any tasks of energy savings. Multi-purposes of Lic Ceramic enable to use them not only for household purposes but for industry purposes as well, for instance, pipes thermal insulation. Remember that thermal insulation of faces saves 50% of energy creating comfort and convenience in the house.