Our specialists are particularly good with all sort of fitting, fixing and assembling. They can master anything from fitting shelves and assembling furniture to sash window draught proofing and shaving swollen doors. Just tell our handyman what to do and they will do it well. They can even undertake several tasks within one visit. 

Furniture Assembly Service

 Assembling furniture was never your cup of tea? MDVCO highly skilled professionals can help you to put your items together.



Sash Cord Replacement

Sash Windows repair is one of many jobs MDVCO premier Handyman Service is specializing at.




Draught Proofing Sash Windows

Winter is the time of the year when our handymen are getting extremely busy with plugging the gaps in sash windows to keep you warm.




Fitting Locks, Hinges and Handles

MDVCO premier  service specialists are highly experienced in fixing door furniture. They can fit anything on your door from variety of locks to letterboxes.




Fit Stairgates & Child Proofing

Thinking of how to child proof your house when your baby arrives? No need to panic, our handymen are experts in these sort of tasks so you can rely on us.




Fitting Shelves

MDVCO premier handyman service will make sure you have somewhere to display your pictures if you have run out of space. Installing shelves is one many jobs our skilled handymen undertake on daily basis




Shave Swollen Doors

If you have a problem with closing you door it’s probably because it’s swollen. Our team of experts will make sure it’s functional again.







Tiling and Decorating

MDVCO premier handyman service is proud to present a team of experts who have years of experience in decorating and tiling. 




Mouse Proofing Service

MDVCO have been dealing with rodent issues for decades. We know exactly what to do if you have problem with mice.




Draught Proofing of External Doors

MDVCO premier handyman service found their own unique method of effective external doors draught proofing.